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Everlasting Health (single 2016) - $1

Everlasting Health
(single 2016) - $1

Fall In EP (2015) - $3.00

Fall In EP (2015) - $3.00

Crashing The Party (2010) - $9.99

Crashing The Party
(2010) - $9.99

EP.02 (2008) - $5

EP.02 (2008) - $5

Fall In:

"The three songs — 'Fall In,' 'The Worst,' and 'The Big Reveal' — are beautifully crafted power-pop driven songs with elements of 1970s rock and 1980s new wave. A fantastic guitar lead screams off the title track, while 'The Worst' features a roaming bass line, setting the bouncing groove, and 'The Big Reveal' is an infectious sing-along." -- Innocent Words Magazine

"This short collection of material comes closest to revisiting the past on 'The Big Reveal', a slower number where sixties influences are channeled through a hefty set of rose-tinted 1980s specs. The over-riding sound is still that of many an early eighties new wave persuasion, but the arrangement - chiming as it does on the verses before exploding into a full chorus, perhaps owes as much to Phil Spector as it does The Cars and The Rubinoos." -- Real Gone

Crashing The Party:

"...a thoroughly realized work bursting with hook-filled songs and deft musicianship." -- "Best Music of 2010," Jim Fusilli, Wall Street Journal

"The album is a space-pop excursion not unlike James Mercer and Danger Mouse's recent collaboration, Broken Bells, wrought with breezy guitar riffs, summery synths, lively melodies, and memorable hooks that continue to spin long after the record has run its course." -- Josh Lindsey, Performer Magazine

"...'Crashing' is like a great ‘70s record, form singer-songwriter beauties like the standout 'Talking to Yourself,' 'You Know' and 'The Ground Below' to a Parker-era new wave sparks-squeeze like 'Not So Loud.' Sing along!" -- Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover

"Multi-talented multi-instrumentalist Scott Janovitz comes up with a super-eclectic bunch of tunes couched in a breezy summery sound well worthy of your attention. Please allow The Russians to invade the shores of your imagination." - Graham Parker